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"Mrs. Beebe is always so nice to work with!  She is professional, prepared, and passionate about reading which helps spread to others!  She was so excited to have the students help read her story and the students, in turn, were excited to read!  I really liked that she gave tips to parents and spoke to them about making reading a family activity.  So many of the students we work with seem to act like reading is a chore.  If reading is just an every night event at home, it is so much easier to work with a student.  I also really liked the interest inventory and that she gave parents time to sit and speak with their children.  How often do parents get to do that?  I liked it when the kids came up with her storyboards.  That was awesome."  - Reading Specialist, Ohio 

"We appreciate how organized and prepared she was for this event.  Her enthusiasm for our event and the writing process were evident. The child-lead, interactive reading of her book was engaging.  It was terrific to see all the kids involved." - Reading Specialists, Ohio 

I am available to give additional one-hour talks to adults, teachers, and families at night ($300). My talk will focus on making reading fun and ways to motivate even the most reluctant readers.


Testimonial from a previous family reading night, "Family Reading Night was a success!  Though the building was hot, we enjoyed a refreshing presentation from author, reading specialist, speaker, and former BBH Teacher, Sarah Beebe.  She wrote a book titled A Golden Adventure: The Hunt for the Missing Rainbow.  At Family Reading Night, Mrs. Beebe shared tips for families and parents, encouraged students to share their interests with their parents to build their reading interests, and allowed students to read along with her book!  It was a great night for every family involved!  Thanks to Mrs. Beebe for joining us for Family Reading Night!"


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