"Alphabet Round Up" Meet the Pups...

Release day is almost here for my upcoming children's story, A Golden Adventure - Alphabet Round Up! A new illustrator and lots of puppy friends await readers in Goldie and Sunni's newest adventure rounding up the letters of the alphabet.

Coming October 2019

But first, let's get to know Goldie, Sunni, and all their new friends.

Meet the Pups...

Goldie is a 5 year-old Golden Retriever who loves visitors and showing off her toys. Her favorite thing to do is play catch with people walking by her house. Goldie rolls her ball down the driveway when she sees someone walking by and hopes they'll throw it back to her. She is playful, fun and loving!

Sunni was an 11 year-old Golden Retriever. She loved playing keep-away with her ball and tug of war. She was loving, loyal and sweet! She was a one of a kind puppy and I'm so happy her memory lives on in the "Golden Adventure" series!

Duke is a 4 year-old German Shepherd. He loves to do his own thing and doesn't care what's in his way. He loves playing with his favorite tennis ball.

Boots was a 15 year-old Lab, Rottweiler, Shepherd mix. He was super friendly and loved being around people. He enjoyed going for hikes and playing with his favorite tennis ball.

Chuck is a 3 year-old Pug. He loves his people and enjoys giving lots of snuggles. But watch out if you're a bird, his favorite thing to do is chasing them around his yard!

Parker is a 2 year-old Shih-Poo. He is playful and talkative. He loves playing fetch and going for morning walks with his girls.

Rico is a 3 year-old Beagle. He is independent and loves his daddy! He loves playing with his favorite green and purple monkey.

Rosie is the sweetest one year-old Pug. She loves visiting her friends in the neighborhood and cuddling her boy. Goldie loves visits from Puppy Rosie!

TJ was a 14 year-old Yellow Lab. He was loving, loyal and friendly. He loved snuggling, going on car rides, going for walks and playing catch.

Lucy is a ten year-old Chocolate Lab. She loves playing with her favorite toys and going for long walks. She also loves to chase the deer out of her yard.

Twinkie is a 12 year-old Shiba Inu. She is Miss Independent unless she's looking for a good rub. She loves playing with the toads in her yard, but only if she can stay clean. She does not like puddles or mud!

Harlee is a 5 year-old Lab. She is very timid, but get her in the water and she won't want to come back out. She loves swimming! You'll find her in "A Golden Adventure - Alphabet Round Up" as Miss Paws.

Thank you to my family and friends for sharing their sweet pups with me!

Happy Reading,


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