Early Learning Concepts & Activity Pages to Accompany "A Golden Adventure"

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

At the end of October, I released my second book in the Golden Adventure series, Alphabet Round Up. I love that it not only includes Goldie and Sunni but also many of their puppy friends. Just like my first release, The Hunt for the Missing Rainbow, this story includes many early learning concepts. To complement the learning found in both books, I’ve created tabs under the “Just for Kids” page where readers can download activities to use along with the stories.

Let’s take a look at what concepts are covered and what activity pages you will find under the “Just for Kids” tab:

A Golden Adventure - Alphabet Round Up

Early Learning Concepts:

  • ABC’s - Beginning readers will enjoy looking for words that begin with the letter of the alphabet the pups are searching for. Then, readers can go on on their own Alphabet Round Up using the activity page.

  • Alliteration - Alliterations are a great way to make reading fun and a little silly, too. You can download the Amazingly Amusing Alliterations activity page to use with your child.

  • Rhyming - Rhyming words are used throughout “Alphabet Round Up.” See if your child can find them all. Then complete your own Rhyme Time Challenge using the activity page.

Other Activity Pages Included:

  1. Word Search - Complete a word search with all the canine characters at just the right level - basic or intermediate.

A Golden Adventure - The Hunt for the Missing Rainbow

Early Learning Concepts:

  • Color words - Beginning readers, will have no problem reading each color word as the words are written in the corresponding color text found throughout the story. Then, complete the Word Search to find the color words and other story words.

  • Time-order words - The Double Puzzle activity page challenges readers to unscramble the time-order words found throughout the story to help solve the double puzzle.

  • Rhyming - Readers will enjoy reading rhyming text found on each page of the story.

Other Activity Pages Included:

  • Rainbow Hunt - After accompanying Goldie and Sunni on their rainbow hunt, readers will enjoy completing their own Rainbow Hunt Adventure. It might be fun to draw pictures of what you find along the way, write words of your sightings or even take pictures with a camera! Whatever way you choose to go on your rainbow hunt adventure, the learning and fun never ends!

  • Coloring Pages - You'll find three adorable Coloring Pages of Goldie and Sunni to choose from.

At the conclusion of each storybook, readers will find “Making Reading Fun” activities. You can download the activities pages above or complete them without it. The most important thing is you’re reading with your child and encouraging him or her to be creative along the way.

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