Going on a Rainbow Hunt!

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

I love sharing my story about Sunni and Goldie looking for the colors of the rainbow with young children. If you've ever gone on a walk with a young child, they are so amazed by what they can find along the way. It's often the simple pleasures that we, as grown-ups, tend to over look in our busy, hustle-bustle days! So, recently, I've encourage my own children to see what colors they can find when we're out and about.

One of our first rainbow hunts took place at the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. If you live locally, I would highly recommend visiting. There is so much to learn and enjoy in such a peaceful setting. The collage below includes many of the pictures we took that afternoon.

The next rainbow hunt, took place in my parent's backyard! My parents always have such beautiful flowers and my girls love all the adorable statues they've collected over the years. There are bears, elephants, turtles, giraffes and even the seven dwarfs with Snow White! It was so enjoyable to walk around and really appreciate all the bright colors at Grandma and Papa's house.

Rainbow Hunt at Grandma and Papa's House

There are many fun ways to share all the beautiful colors found in nature! A few of our favorites are taking pictures, sketching what we find and/or collecting each of the colors we find on our rainbow hunt.

Activity Suggestion: Rainbow Egg Carton


- empty egg carton

- different colored markers

- stickers

Procedure - Take an empty egg carton and label each section using the correct color marker to match the colors of the rainbow. In the additional sections, label with other color words or you can choose to repeat some of the rainbow colors. Encourage your child to decorate the outside of the egg carton with different colored stickers and markers. Then, take your egg carton with you on a nature hike to see what colors you can find along the way. Collect different items that match the corresponding color and put them in the correct section of the egg carton. Once finished, your child will have their own rainbow collection to share with others.

The fall colors are really starting to pop up around Cleveland! We're headed to the park this weekend to go on a Fall Rainbow Hunt! Stay tuned for pictures!!

I would love to see pictures of your little ones going on their own rainbow hunt! You can post them to my Facebook page or email them directly to me.

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