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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Following up on last week's post on Asking Questions, this week we’re going to focus on another great reading strategy, Making Connections. Making a Connection helps readers form new relationships between ideas and their thoughts while connecting to the world around them. Making a Connection is when what you are reading, makes you think of something else - another book you’ve read, a movie you’ve watched, something that’s happened in your life or the life of someone else. By teaching children to Make Connections, you encourage them to be active and engaged with what they are reading while forming new relationships and connections.

When reading with very young children, model making your own connections. This will spark some fabulous conversations and will teach children to think beyond the story to their own lives and the world around them. Encourage children to recall memories or people that remind them of characters and/or events from the story. Including Comprehension Conversations as part of your daily reading routine, makes reading an active activity involving children rather than a passive one. As children mature and your Comprehension Conversations evolve, ask them to share their own connections. Since you’ve already done a wonderful job modeling Making Connections, they will be ready and excited to share their own.

Three Types of Connections

  1. Text to Self Connection - A text to self connection is when what you are reading reminds you of something that’s happened in your own life.

  2. Text to Text Connection - A text to text connection happens when what you are reading reminds you of something you’ve read before, a movie you’ve seen, or even a song you love.

  3. Text to World Connection - A text to world connection is when something you’ve read reminds you of events happening in the world or events happening to someone else.

Example of Making Connections using A Golden Adventure - The Hunt for the Missing Rainbow:

  1. Text to Self - I can connect to Goldie feeling sad when she lost the rainbow. I lost my favorite stuffed animal when I will little and I remember feeling so sad about it. We looked everywhere and I finally found it hiding in my toy box.

  2. Text to Text - This reminds me of the story, What Makes a Rainbow? by Betty Schwartz. Little Rabbit and Mama Rabbit work together, just like Sunni and Goldie did, to find all the colors of the rainbow

  3. Text to World - Finding rainbows reminds me of springtime. People get so excited when they see a rainbow after a spring rain-shower.

Making Connections Conversation Starters:

  • Tell one way the story reminds you of your life.

  • Tell about another story you’re reminded of when you read this story.

  • Tell about a movie you’ve seen that reminds you of this story.

  • What’s one event from your life that is similar to the main character’s life?

  • Which character from the story is most like you? Why?

  • Which character from the story is least like you? Why?

  • What’s something happening in the world that reminds you of this story?

  • Could this story take place today? Why or Why not?

  • How would the story be different if it happened today? In the past? In the future?

Download more Making Connections Conversations Starters. My hope is by starting the conversation with your reader, you will spark even more questions than what is listed here! I can't wait to hear how your Comprehension Conversations are going with the young readers in your life!

Enjoy & Happy Reading,


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