Create a Reading Interest List

Making Reading Fun...for many children this can sound like an impossible feat! But, reading really can be fun if you're choosing the right reading materials! In my years of experience in the education field, even the most reluctant readers, can become avid and voracious readers with the right guidance.

Tip #1

Choose reading materials that catch your reader's eye!

It seems like a no-brainer, but for a reluctant reader who's busy being disinterested in reading, they might not realize all the great reading material that is out there... reading material that will grab their attention and make them want to keep on reading!

Below is a Reading Interest List I created with a young man who was having trouble finding anything he wanted to read. We started talking about his interests and as he talked, I wrote down what he shared, without judgment from me. We created the list pictured here. As you can see, he has a wide range of interests from planes, music, cooking, and the medical field.

Example of a Reading Interest List

After we created this list, we went online to check out our local library's website to search for books that aligned with his interests. We found tons of print books, magazines and even ebooks he could borrow that day. He started to get excited and seemed to enjoy researching his areas of interest. I'm thrilled for him to find joy in reading by finding the right reading material!

Here's what you can do to get started with your own reader:

Step 1: Ask your reader what interests him or her and create a list together. Don't limit him, just write what he shares. This part is super important because you want your reader to feel safe to share his ideas with you. If he says, buses, write it down! If he says, traveling, write it down! There are no ideas too small or too big to include on a reading interest list.

Step 2: Take this list with you to the library or use it when browsing online. Help your reader search for books that align with his or her interests or ask your librarian to help you with finding books to match your reader's interest list. Your reader will be more likely to pick up the reading material and want to continue reading, too!

Step 3: Periodically, follow up with your reader. This list is meant to be fluid, it may change often, especially as your reader continues to grow and mature. Take topics off and add more as needed. Remember to praise and encourage your reader along the way! You may even want to set reading goals or track the books your reader enjoys this year!

* I would love to hear how your reader's Reading Interest List turns out. Comment and share below!

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