Setting Reading Goals

As we begin a new year and a new decade, many people are setting goals of what they'd like to achieve in 2020. A fun way to include children in goal setting, is to encourage them to set reading goals!

On my "Just for Kids - Making Reading Fun" tab, I've included a 2020 Reading Goals PDF that you can print off and fill out together. It may take a little research to find a new book series or a new author they'd like to read, but it's a great way to share the importance of goal setting and is a fun family activity. We like to explore titles at our public library and search around on Amazon or our libraries online catalog when looking for new and exciting books.

Once your children set their reading goals, hang it somewhere where they can check it often. At the end of the year, review your child's goals and celebrate his or her accomplishments together!

I would love to hear how your family sets goals and how you help hold each other accountable!

Happy New Year and Happy Reading,





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