Storytime Pup!

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Today's an exciting day at SKB Publishing! I'm honored to share that Storytime Pup selected "A Golden Adventure - The Hunt for the Missing Rainbow" to appear on their YouTube channel which features many award winning authors' children's books. Readers can follow along as Storytime Pup reads aloud "A Golden Adventure - The Hunt for the Missing Rainbow."

According to, "The Storytime Pup Channel features our lovable Storytime Pup character who entertains children in a fun and educational environment by reading some of the best new children's books to children, sharing exciting, fun and educational videos through his "Magic Window, leading Sing-alongs and Dance Alongs, featuring old and new favorite children's songs, and taking kids on "Imagination Trips" to Make Believe destinations."

It's a great way to make reading fun! Check it out today!

Happy Reading,


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