Why Read Aloud?

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Why is it important to read aloud with your child? Reading aloud builds the foundation for helping your child become a strong and confident reader. When parents read aloud with their child, they model what it sounds like to read fluently, new vocabulary is introduced and your child begins to understand what it means to read for enjoyment. It's also a time for parents and children to bond and spend quality time in a cozy and relaxed setting. Days are busy, but taking time to read with your child helps to foster a strong parent/child relationship.

It's not always easy to find time to read with your child, so let's look at some creative ways to work in 20 minutes of reading:

  • Before bedtime or nap time is always a great time to snuggle up and share a story or two.

  • While dining out - take this time to read a story or two while you wait for your food or your table. Stash a few favorites in your purse or diaper bag.

  • Taking a road trip? No problem! Take your book basket (mentioned here) and bring it along with you! Obviously, I do not suggest driving and reading! Yikes! But if you're not the one behind the wheel, keep your kiddos occupied with some new and exciting books. This is also a great time to listen to high-interest audiobooks, too!

  • Bath time is a fun time to share a story or two. There are even plastic books your child can take in the bathtub with them. Kids think it's so silly to have a book in the bath, but what a fun way to encourage reading. Of course, you can also share a paperback or board book together, too, but I wouldn't suggest getting those wet. Click here for one example of plastic, bath time books.

However and whenever you find time to read together, the most important thing to remember is you are reading with your child!

Where do you find time to read with your child? I'd love to hear your ideas below!

This visual is such a powerful reminder of why it is so important to read with your child, every day!

Happy Reading,


Reading every day for just 20 minutes, makes a huge difference in the life of your child!

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