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Released October 2019

'Alphabet Round Up'


Join Goldie, Sunni, and all their canine friends as they set out on a new adventure rounding up the letters of the alphabet. Will the pups find all the letters in time for a new school year to begin? 

Beginning readers will enjoy rhyme-time fun and amusing alliterations as they read along with Sunni and Goldie in the latest book of the 'Golden Adventure' series. 

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Released December 2016 

'Hunt for the Missing Rainbow'


Join two lovable golden retrievers, Goldie and Sunni, as they set out to search for their missing rainbow. With each found item in nature, Goldie and Sunni are sure they're getting closer to finding the rainbow. Children will enjoy learning about colors, color words, rainbow color order, rhyming words, and time order words. The end of the book includes a 'Making Reading Fun Connection' for parents and caregivers to take children on their own rainbow hunt adventure.

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